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Title: Fagonia cretica دراسة مقارنة الستخالص المو اد الفعالة في نبتة الشريك بثلاثة مذيبات( ايثانول ، ميثانول، ماء مقطر)
Authors: بيسي, هند
جابر, سهام
Keywords: نبتة الشرٌك
Fagonia cretica
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Université of Eloued
Series/Report no.: 580.01/150;
Abstract: Fagonia cretica is a small thorny plant located mostly in desert and semi-dry areas, it has many uses in medicine, the most important of which is treatment of fever, asthma, stomach problems, blood purification and is also considered a treatment for some types of cancerous tumors . In the current study, the active plant components of Fagonia cretica were detected using phytochemical analysis, where it was found to contain high saponosides and steroids in a high percentage, and it contains an average percentage of cardinolides, unsaturated sterols, turbines, general flavonoids and the absence of alkaloids . A comparative study of the biological efficacy of Fagonia cretica for aqueous, methanol and ethanol extracts was reached, where it was found that methanic extracts ((20.2 ± 0.88 are more effective against all tested bacteria followed by the aqueous extract (18.1 ± 0.272) and then the ethanol extract (16 ± 0.17) The anti-oxidant activity of Fagonia cretica was also compared to the same aqueous, methanol and ethanolic extracts. It was found that the most effective ethanol extract followed by the methanol extract and then the aqueous extract
Description: التنوع الحيوي وفسيولوجيا النبات
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