Browsing by Subject " Praise be to Allah, the lord of the words, and prayers and peace be upon the seal of the prophets and Messengers the Messenger is a mercy to the worlds, and his companions, and followers :(Diodes in the Quran "" AL –Rahman Sura model"" -study steament-(. Actually, it studies the types of binaries mentioned in this Sura, and to highlights the nature of the relationship that connected the towends of these binaries and study them. This research consisted of an introduction and three research parts. In fact, the introduction included the definition of binaries and the types and characteristics of the introduction included the definition of this Sura. Then the body contents of the binaries of contrast and homogeneous. Thus, we concluded our research in Summarizing detailed in this research. As we have shown the most important results reached, including: -The contrasting dichotomies in Al-Rahman Sura took several forms, the form may be between two subjects and derive the latter from the Sura and its overall contexts -The homogenous diodes in turn took several forms at different levels, at the level of words such as genus, and at the level of letters, texts and sound, ]through harmony and consistency in Rahman Surat[. "

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2019الثنائيات في القرآن الكريم (سورة الرحمن أنموذجا)قعيد, أسماء; قسوم, فائزة